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IPAC Bachelor Factory

Rising Up deployed the SOFT SKILLS SCAN within the IPAC Bachelor Factory for 2000 students simultaneously in 15 cities.


How did the idea of integrating soft skills into the Talent Game Employability challenge organized on Ipac Bachelor Factory campuses come about?

Soft skills play a crucial role in the professional world. There is an increasing demand from recruiters but also from students on this subject. Integrating it into the Talent Game Employability Challenge was perfectly aligned with the educational objectives of the challenge because the students had to put themselves in a real situation and stimulate international recruitment. It was therefore necessary to prepare them as best as possible so that they felt equipped enough to write their CV and succeed in their job interview. It was a great introduction before starting the challenge, he could already win points.


What were the expectations of the students about soft skills?

Before starting the training, Rising Up carried out a survey to gather the needs and expectations of the students. The main thing that came back on 1,700 students was the desire:

  • to have a better understanding of soft skills and their importance.
  • to discover and know their own soft skills.
  • to get practical advice to highlight their soft skills, especially during interviews.
  • to acquire new skills in personal and professional development.
  • to have a clear method for identifying, developing and valuing their soft skills in various contexts, whether in daily or professional life.

What did students lack before this program?

The results of the survey show that most students feel the need, on the one hand, to better understand their own skills and to have a clear definition of soft skills. On the other hand, many recognize the need for self-confidence in order to be able to identify and describe their soft skills effectively. Some mention the importance of having an outside perspective or opinion to help them identify their soft skills. Then finally, they report that they do not have enough knowledge to describe soft skills accurately.


How did we support students in discovering their soft skills and by what means did they learn to value them?

In this program, Dr. Nawal Abboub, Scientific Director of Rising Up, was the soft skills expert. She supported students in discovering and promoting their soft skills. All students connected to THE LAB platform, before participating in the Talent Game Employability challenge. To make them want to follow this program first, an email sequence was sent to them to explain to them how this program before the talent game would help them. Even before the platform was open, many students sent messages to find out when the platform was going to open, already showing the enthusiasm for the program.


What does the program offered by Rising Up consist in to identify and promote the soft skills of students?

The Soft Skills program allowed participants to identify twelve key competencies divided into four essential themes:

  • Time Management ⏱: Participants learned to identify how to manage time, prioritize tasks, and meet deadlines.
  • Emotional intelligence 💙: This test focuses on recognizing and managing emotions, as well as the skills involved in empathy and conflict resolution.
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship 🚀: Participants were assessed on their entrepreneurial skills and those that allow them to cultivate a spirit of innovation such as creativity and the ability to transform ideas into concrete actions.
  • Reasoning type 🧠: This test focuses on critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills.

What information did students learn from the program?

Students demonstrate an awareness of their skills. They now recognize that these skills are essential for career success. Through the program, participants identified their own soft skills and learned how to develop them. They now understand that these behavioral skills evolve when they are trained and can be worked on throughout life.

Students report being better prepared for job interviews and to enhance their professional profile. This has strengthened their self-confidence and their ability to stand out in the job market.

Finally, they appreciate the kindness and attention paid to their personal development by the school and for giving them the opportunity to do this program.


What criteria led to choosing Rising Up for this challenge?

The choice of Rising Up for this challenge is based on several criteria, including the fact that its method is based on neuroscience, thus offering a scientific approach while being directly linked to the student environment. In addition, the interactive course offered by Rising Up is well-built and progressive, which makes it easy to discover soft skills. In addition, Rising Up has developed innovative and engaging educational formats. Some students report not having seen the time pass. Finally, the completion rates are very high and no bugs have been reported by the students, which is rare in this type of program where students are remote.

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