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Soft skills certification

Soft Skills certification for your students

Guarantee the level of required soft skills according to the degrees offered. Use THE LAB. to obtain your school's soft skills certifications.

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Get the big picture

Soft skills expectations for each degree.

Define your certifications

On the levels required for each sector.

Save time

Manage all certifications with an all-in-one tool.

Facilitate renewal

With a systematic assessment of your establishment's soft skills.


Analyze the certification status

Analyze certifications by degree and by year. Quickly identify students who haven't certified their soft skills.


Define your soft skills certifications precisely

Get information on the levels required for each sector - in a single view.


Simplify your soft skills impact measurement

Assess whether your students have the recommended or mandatory certifications, and plan their development accordingly.


Renew your certifications easily every year

Benefit from a solution that constantly updates skills requirements by sector, so you're as close as possible to the job market.

The platform that improves the lives of all


No longer afraid of preparing for interviews, students finally know their soft skills precisely. In just 1 hour, students know their soft skills score.

Career Director

Organizing annual career weeks with soft skills speakers is a tedious process. THE LAB. makes it easy, giving students a quick and easy soft skills test. A complete soft skills test available at any time.

School director

Offering attractive and ambitious programs for your school is a real challenge. So is maintaining your diploma certifications. THE LAB. enables you to offer a complete soft skills test.

The soft skills test in 3 questions

What types of soft skills are evaluated?

What is commonly referred to as “soft skills” has a very broad definition sometimes corresponding as much to personality traits as to motivational aspects of the individual. This approach results in a difficult and impalpable measurement of the individual's soft skills.

On the other hand, some soft skills can be measured through 3 criteria

  • be attached to a mental action and produce a specific behavior (not just an intention).
  • be flexible over time, i.e. they can evolve (unlike personality traits).
  • be dependent on the context in which the individual evolves (and not specific).

At Rising Up, 25 skills correspond to these criteria. We have renamed them core skills. These skills are divided into several categories: operational efficiency, communication and innovation, and finally collaboration and leadership.

Measuring soft skills is often a nightmare for career and educational teams. It is a very time-consuming activity to find a speaker and then organize each workshop. This is why we believe that the assessment of soft skills can benefit from a high degree of precision. The implementation of soft skills assessment can thus be simplified and streamlined by each school or university.

How to improve the assessment of soft skills?

If you'd like to find out more about how schools measure soft skills, here's our comprehensive guide for higher education institutions. Whether it's a question of measuring students' operational efficiency or leadership skills, soft skills are now an essential asset for entering the ever-changing job market.

In this respect, soft skills can be a key lever for entering the job market more easily, because they will never become outdated. Take full advantage of core skills, the most essential skills to be competitive in the job market.

Small private schools, large school groups and even universities can finally tackle the major issue of soft skills to boost student employability.

Setting up soft skills assessment processes is already an important part of the job. A measurement tool such as THE LAB can make soft skills a minor task, allowing teaching or career teams to concentrate on their high-value-added missions.

Where is the soft skills assessment managed?

Soft-skills assessments can be carried out in a wide variety of forms. During workshops using paper evaluations to be recoded after the test, or via online test platforms, through the various interlocutors, such as certified coaches. However, obtaining these paper tests and organizing all these contacts for a single student promotion is a mission in its own right.

That's why, with the help of an evaluation tool, like THE LAB. everything can be done in the same place, the tests, as well as the interpretations. Each promotion can be adjusted, taking into account their needs according to the sector, the profession but also their year of study. By doing so, all students from the same school can come and test themselves, thanks to a quick and easy to use tool.

Discover other features of THE LAB.

Quickly bridge the soft skills gap of your students

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